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Safe, effective, science-backed

A nurturing, intentional environment and expert guidance to support you in your journey.

Altered states surface subconscious emotions, memories, and thoughts to your conscious mind. We support you in understanding and addressing what comes up, and then process and integrate learnings and insights into your life.


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Focus on You

Together we identify the issues you want to work on, and then empower you to be your own healer.


Safety & Comfort

We take care of the 5S's to be mindful of every aspect of your experience, & have medical protocols in place to ensure your safety.

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Experienced Team

Professional psychologists & guides with years of education & experience guiding as well as deep personal experience.

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Ongoing Support

Your experience doesn't end once you leave our retreat. We support you with integration & a plan moving forward.

To learn more have a look at our FAQs

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